Catch the Summer Shoppers in India with Mall Activations

This year, Delhi is hot like it has never been in 62 years. The temperatures soared to 47.8 degrees, beating the 47.4 degrees it had reached on June 16, 1995. As the temperatures increase, the shopping crowds are rushing to the Malls for all their consumer needs. Brands can make excellent use of this situation with Mall Activations in the Delhi NCR region. The malls, equipped with air conditioning, not only provide relief from the seething heat outside but also allow extended bouts of shopping. Placing your brand among them with Mall Activations is placing them where it can make the maximum impacts.

With Leading Outdoor Advertising Agencies like TDI, providing Mall Activations in the most happening malls in Delhi and NCR, promoting your brand through the Mall Medium is as convenient as it gets. Major brands of various industries are utilizing the platform as the malls have become a hub for the summer shoppers in the capital region.

Mall Activation in Delhi NCR

MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon

The above image is of MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon, where Samsung is utilizing TDI’s Mall Activation Services.

The malls are more than capable of providing complete solutions for all your shopping needs. With the food courts, lounges, and theaters becoming a regular part of malls, they are almost mini-districts in themselves. One thing which is certain is that they are currently providing the much needed respite to the shoppers in Delhi. If it had not been for the malls, shopping in the daytime would have been an arduous task in Delhi during this time.


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